FinJazz’s vision is to combine the data-mining technology and P2P consumer lending and marry it to the proven methodology of e-invoicing and supply-chain financing. Internet lending is the growing phenomenon. Despite the success of consumer internet lending, however, the small business peer-to-peer (P2P) lending sector suffers from a lack of providers and capital. The opportunity here is huge as the market is bigger than the entire consumer market and very under-penetrated (less than 20 percent for invoice-based around the world). Finjazz boasts our cutting-edge data-gathering techniques and analytics to make loans to small businesses while managing risks for the lenders through the proprietary scoring. As dissatisfaction with commercial banks grew during the recent financial crisis, this drives growth in alternative peer-to-peer (P2P) lending. Small businesses can solve short-term cash flow problems by leveraging the power of P2P. The lenders can earn up to 12 - 14% per year at low risk (collateralized by receivables) by lending to small businesses. Small businesses that are engaged in the offline factoring are often paying 10x the amount of interest than FinJazz’s model will provide them. FinJazz leverages the power of semantic Web technology and factoring to solve short-term cash flow problems for businesses while providing an interest-earning vehicle for investors with the focus on high-tech risk-management. Finjazz also brings speed, automation, scale and transparency to the supply chain financing.